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by Trails and Ways

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released June 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Trails and Ways Oakland, California

5/20 - mexico city/ df - festival marvin

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Track Name: Skeletons
Yeah you look good in that black light,
clothes gold like a mirror,
wanna see my reflection.
Your hands up like a question,
wanna get close,
whisper something awful,
I don’t think the sugar cube told it to me.

I know when they come to dig us up,
I know what they’ll find:
skeletons dancing,
at the scene of the crime.

Think I know what you're thinking:
I run my mouth too much.
"That's low-pH talk. Big visions, huh?"
Yeah well I see plastic and glass in shards,
actinides, twisted steel rebar.
They're gonna know us by the hell of it,
in that groove like a burial,
do you get down to it?

Track Name: Say You Will
I don't know if you know
all I'm bound to tell you.
You said you'd wait here for me
but I've been looking elsewhere.
So much I wanted you to need me,
needed you to want me.
It can't be that hard
but you make it look easy.

Say you will
or don't say anything at all.

I don't know if you see
all I want to show you.
You always have an answer,
make me feel like I don't know you.
So much I wanted you to need me,
needed you to want me.
It can't be that hard,
but you make it look easy.

Say you will
or don't say anything at all.
I lose my reason.
Say you will.
Track Name: Mtn Tune
You took me to the mountains,
you held all of me in your hands
My wariness cracked like a stone

I told you to fall for me, just to test the line.
I meant that you and I meant that alone.

You deserve some kind of warning.
It’d be better if I didn’t fall for you.

You’re so strong, you’re just hanging there laughing,
like a lure to me.
Am I so wrong? My fingers are white with your chalk.
You’re so strong. It’s time that I tell you that…


But I know you’d catch me, it’s written in that mountain tune.
Clamber on up me. I want to
Track Name: Jacaranda
You say you might die if you don't leave LA
You know, I think you're not the first one to say that
But I like how you said, in those tomes you texted,
"The city is a diaspora onto itself."
Kira, I won't say cheer up,
but you're all I see, even in your black on black.

Climb down the jacaranda, no matter what they tell you.
Don't entertain em, that's the danger.
"So what?"
So why pretend to love the sun?

Don't totally know what you mean, but I caught your drift—
why don't we run away the day we turn 18?
Kira, I won't say cheer up,
but I've got a plan, I could tell it to you step by step.
Track Name: Heavy Sleeper (ft. Sandra L-Ndu)
When I hear your call,
I dream of being a heavy sleeper.
It’s a two way fall,
I want to feel your ground rush to me.

In the middle of what you call night,
I will show you endless light.
I know I’m in over my head.
How am I so quick to forget?

When I hear you restless,
you always tell me things you would not let out conscious.
You keep saying you won’t be back,
but when you’re here I know you’re caving.

Track Name: Nunca
Show me your Sao Paulo,
I wanna know where you hide out.
Where you paint graffiti – I’ll follow.

Show me shapes, spiral lines I can’t translate.
Leave your mark, felt tip pen, your tag, my chest.

I wanna tell you how you’ll understand.
I will: nunca nunca.
Te es-conder, desaparecer,
nunca, nunca nunca.

You tell me your city is only a maze
of walls and laws you just can’t obey.
You can’t write laws, and so you paint
that tattoo, on the city arms, on the city face

Track Name: Downright (ft. Harriet Brown)
How’d you like to take me under
that all locked-up city?
Heard about what you’re doing down there,
but try and bring me up to speed.
Is there somewhere we could talk freely?
Suspend my disbelief.

It’s downright unconscionable.
You feel me? Don’t let em get you down.
They hold you tight, and they call it legal.
You feel me? Don’t let em get you down.

Yeah you know me the printing press,
with no circulation.
A club PA without a low end.
Can you hear me out there?


In this heavy state, nah, I don’t feel right.
No kind of altitude seems to make it right.
A healthy heart cannot make it right.
Even the brush of you does not make it right.
A boring wealth doesn’t make it right.
A graceful wealth does not make it right.
My good words do not make it right.
But if I put it like this, you know I think I might

Track Name: Defined
Have I thought this for a long time? I don’t know.
Can you see a twist in the line and let it go?
If you’ve known this for a long time you don’t say.
It seems fast, if only because you looked away.

What makes you pull your hand
from mine and set it firm on the wheel:
is that so I can’t convince you?


Who told you that you couldn’t have
both at the same time?
Up close, I can’t fault you for your reason.
If you want I will hear,
with no insinuation.

Track Name: Terezinha
Perdi você em Jericoacoara.
Perdi você em Floresta Tijuca.
Perdi você em cada parte do país.
Não te ouvi, não escuti, não procurei, foi eu.

Foi eu, minha perdão.
Foi eu, minha sertão.
Foi eu, sem razão, apenas minha natureza.

Você me deixou em Fortaleza. For-­
talezei o vazio.
Fiz por mim uma praia sem água;;
calor, areia só. Sei que um dia vem quando
eu vou te ver.
Na janela, teus ervas balançam, eu
vou dizer.


Minha Tereza, minha natureza.
Track Name: Dream About Me
Every single morning,
she wakes up like she's choking on memories that
haven't yet been put to rest.
I wish I could erase them,
I wish that I could turn back the clock and
give her the choice she never had.

Do you dream about me?
Or just the things you shouldn't see?
And all that I want us to be?

And now that near a year has passed,
I just wonder how much longer it
will be till she's sleeping soundly through the night.
Or how long it will be till she knows that she's safe
in my arms, and I will never, ever let her go.

Track Name: Vines
All I've ever carried is commodities:
my parents’ silverware, Thom's plastic trees,
some records of good taste, some heavy crude,
lots of future artifacts, and here's some old news.

I am a container ship, your vines all up in it.
Want you to grow me over, and take me,
and take me down.
Want you to tear me open, and take me,
and take me down.

I was taking on water when I
saw you first. Y
our drawn notes, how you raised
your hand—a lesson in thirst.
How you talked me past my limits,
and left paint on my bed—a con-­
tract open-­-­ended, and best left unread.


I wanna make a last voyage, before you let me rest.
Since they sent you home to Minas, I've had a hollow chest.
I wanna smuggle you in my hold, to water without state,
make an island we can live on, and live without freight.